March 3, 2015

US Lotteries

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people stand a chance of winning substantial amounts of money by participating in various US lotteries across the country. There are a variety of US lotteries that vary from state to state. All of them operate differently and offer various prize structures.

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The Lotto

Out of all of the games offered by the US lotteries, the lotto is probably the most popular. It is also one of the easiest games to play. In order to play the lotto, all you need to do is select six numbers out of a range of numbers that you think will be the winning numbers for that particular lotto draw. The US lotteries vary from state to state in that some states play 6/47 numbers while others play 6/53 numbers. This means that, statistically, you stand more chance of winning the 6/47 lotto draw than the 6/53 draw because of the fact that there are fewer number combinations that can be drawn. In most US lotteries, taking your chances on the lotto will cost you $1 per number line that you play.

How Prizes Are Calculated For Lotto Draws

Various factors are taken into account when calculating prizes for any of the US lotteries. Prize payouts are normally determined by how many people are playing a particular lotto game. It sometimes happens with US lotteries that no one selects the winning combination of numbers for a particular draw. When this happens, the prize money normally rolls over to the following draw. Prizes are also paid out in lotto games if a player matches anywhere between 3 and 5 out of their 6 numbers to those which were drawn. Again, the amount that these prizes pay out depends on how many players have chosen numbers which match the drawn numbers. Lotto draws are usually held twice a week.

Little Lotto Games

Another popular game among US lotteries is known as the little lotto. Here, the method of play is very similar to that of standard lotto games. The only difference is that, instead of having to choose a combination of 6 winning numbers, only 5 numbers are chosen. In some states, 5/36 numbers will be played, while a 5/39 combination will be played in others. As with the regular lotto game, all 5 numbers have to be matched in order to win the main jackpot. Smaller prizes are also offered if 3 or 4 out of the 5 numbers are matched.

A More Popular Game

The amount of prize money for little lotto draws is also dependant on the amount of players who have purchased tickets. Little lotto draws are normally held more often than the standard US lotteries. In some states they are even held on a daily basis, which means that prize offerings for these draws will be a little less than that of the normal lotto. Because of the draws, which are held more often, it means that the chances of winning are somewhat higher than with the regular lotto. Due to the slightly higher odds of winning, the little lotto is usually more popular than other lotto games.

Instant Games or Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are also among the more popular games offered by the US lotteries. These are quite simple to play and involve purchasing a scratch card. Once the scratch areas have been removed on the card, the player can check to see if they have won a prize. Some of the advantages to playing the instant games are the fact that they are quick and easy to play, and the player is able to claim their prize immediately. There are also numerous spot prizes which can range anywhere from $1 to around $50.

A Wide Range of Games to Choose From

There are normally quite a few varieties of scratch card games at any given time. Some states introduce new varieties of these on an almost weekly basis, with many of them being holiday orientated. Examples of these include Holiday Cash and Stocking Stuffer. Although the names may differ, the basic rules of play are normally the same, with the player having to clear the scratch area with a coin and match 3 of the same number, or picture, in order to win a prize. Those offering higher payouts normally require up to 6 symbols, or numbers, to be matched before a prize can be claimed.

Multi-State Lottery Games

Many states have decided to pool their lottery resources and offer games that have substantially large jackpots. An example of a multi-state game is the Mega Millions game which is enjoyed by residents of Maryland, Ohio, Texas, Maryland, California, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Georgia, New Jersey, Illinois and Washington. This game offers two separate draws; the regular draw and then the Megaball or bonus ball. Prizes in these games are substantially higher than in single state US lotteries.

Quick Pick Games

While many people make use of quick pick games to take part in US lotteries, others say that by allowing the computer to randomly choose numbers for you is defeating the object of playing. Quick pick games involve having the computer generate a random set of numbers instead of having to physically choose them yourself. A lot of people make use of quick pick tickets when they are in a hurry, but still want to take their chances at winning one of the US lotteries. Others firmly believe in the strategy of choosing their own lottery numbers, stating that they stand a better chance of winning at least one of the US lotteries with their pre-selected set of “lucky numbers.”

No matter which lottery game you prefer playing, your chances of winning are not guaranteed in any way. That is why it is important to remember to engage in any form of gambling in a responsible manner. Always ensure that the game you are playing is legal in the state in which you live.

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